Fistfighting Fat Fred problem

#1OakIrisPosted 12/30/2011 4:16:39 PM

This is the second time around playing the game; played it on normal first game, now playing on hard, and I am having problems with the fistfighting.  I do have the "power up" attribute, too.  I start fighting Fat Fred in Chapter 1, seem to be winning as his health "circle" shows he is fading fast, and then he walks away without conceding defeat, I receive no money/reward, the quest in the journal still shows I need to defeat him, but when I try to continue the fight, he just says "not now."   I even knocked him to the ground on one try, which should have meant for sure that he had lost, but the same thing happened - no reward, no indication that I (Geralt) won the fight, and can't continue the fight, just getting a "not now" reaponse from Fat Fred.  Very frustrating!


What is going on?  Any idea as to what I must be doing wrong?  I had no problems with winning the fight in my first play of the game....