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Very Underrated (Archived)SexPantherPanda18/6/2013
I Never Gave Up... ODDWORLD NEWS 20130510 (Archived)Mr Pottymouth15/10/2013
It's been way too long! (Archived)oOmikeOo31/13/2012
Today's Featured Top 10 is about "Lost" games.. (Archived)stingwraith85/10/2011
Why do people keep saying it's being released on 360? (Archived)DarkECOJak23/12/2011
Coming to XBLA for 360 (Archived)
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Can I play this game on the 360? (Archived)Yoshiodo31/21/2011
Stranger's Wrath to be Remastered for PS3(PC? Xbox360?) Release (Archived)goldenrain-tree41/19/2011
Rango a rip-off of Stranger's Wrath? (Archived)CosmicNeurotica21/18/2011
just picked it up off amazon for under 5 bucks. (Archived)rigglezips31/16/2011
no active topic about how this is one of the greatest games ever made ?_? (Archived)
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problem getting to doc's office (Archived)dojones23212/31/2010
Oddbox finally coming out (PC) (Archived)KaiSedicius412/10/2010
I've been saying if for years ODDWORLD ISN'T DEAD YET! (read more) (Archived)Mr Pottymouth48/13/2010
Make it BC? (Archived)Leon_S_Kennedy18/11/2010
Here's hoping the Steam release still happens. (Archived)Ubersuntzu57/15/2010
I assume it still doesn't work on the 360? (Archived)Moose_Doll13/18/2010
What happened to the PC port? (Archived)Kaibaten22/2/2010
Still love this game (Archived)zombie9141/4/2010
Oddworld still has a pulse! (Archived)Mr Pottymouth511/5/2009
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