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8 years ago#1
Warning: This will contain spoilers!

I don't know if anybody still visits this board.

With No Upgrades I mean no upgrades from Doug.
I did a No Upgrades playthrough before (that was before my cartridge stopped working) but Sawma was too strong =P And too fast. Ark did only 1 Damage and could be killed by 3 hits of Sawma. The Sawbits also do more damage. On my best try I got Sawma down to 3HP but uhm... Ark died. I remember of all bosses I fought I spent most time on Falcken and Sawma (never defeated Sawma though).

Anyway, I was thinking about doing a new No Upgrades Playthrough, this time with more rules.

The Rules:
- Power Up item is not allowed.
- Holding A button to walk faster and to release the stronger attack is allowed.
- Shield Ring is not allowed.
- Heal Ring is not allowed.
- Speed Ring is not allowed.
- All Dash is not allowed.
- Protecting items are not allowed. (Status Sld, Power Block, Poison Block, Dfs. Shield, Prlz. Block)
- Attack items are allowed. (Shake A/B Mine A/B Bomb A/B, Lightning, Speedshot, Smoke, Pigeons)
- No use of “Go to Entrance” except after a Game Over of course.
- Healing items are allowed. (Potion A/B/C and Restore)
- Putting items in the bin to get Majesties out is allowed.

The Genius of the Century is back! This time with more sinking ships than ever!
8 years ago#2
Dungeon: Beginning World
Time of entering: 00:09:53
Boss defeated on: No boss here =P
Time before going into the bossbattle (first try): No boss here.
Time after bossbattle (last try): No bossbattle. So I’ll give my time before everyone splits up. 00:39:28 Probably because the time I spent inside the menus
People who died in this dungeon: No one. (Ok, ok Jester died but that’s part of the storyline and doesn’t give you a Game Over screen)
Total Game Overs in this dungeon: 0
Total Game Overs: 0


Standard Groups: (Start)
Party One: Vanrose, Shelley, Yurald, Claude.
Party Two: Jean, Eberle, Halley, Emmy.
Party Three: Rick, Diana, Philis, Telmia.
Party Four: Doug, Ileyda.

My Groups:
Party One: Eberle, Halley, Emmy, Vanrose.
Party Two: Telmia, Rick, Diana, Jean.
Party Three: Doug, Claude, Philis.
Party Four: Yurald, Ileyda, Shelley.
I prefer having two groups of 4 + two groups of 3 instead of three groups of 4 + one group of 2. And there should be one strong attacker in the group or at least someone with a standard weapon. And I don’t want too much space between walking people.

This is the tutorial dungeon and there is nothing dangerous here (except Pike of course. Watch out Jester =P). I took non-equipped potions from the Pioneers because I think they might come in handy. I also took the Potion B and C from Jean and Eberle’s inventory =P Ark’s inventory is full of Potions right now (+ one Lightning). Um… And then Ark couldn’t pick up items because his inventory was full… Oops. So I moved 6 Potion A’s to Ivy.
Nobody was seriously hurt (except Jester when he was killed). Ark and Ivy lost 2 HP. All other people weren’t even attacked. This is the easiest dungeon in the game. But that’s old news right?


Dungeon: Silver Snow
Time of entering: 00:41:51
Boss defeated on: First try
Time before going into the bossbattle (first try): 00:54:33
Time after bossbattle (last try): 00:57:46
People who died in this dungeon: Nobody
Total Game Overs in this dungeon: 0
Total Game Overs: 0


So I start without any people. Lalala there is nobody to protect right now. Until I find Halley near the entrance.

Standard Groups: (After saving Halley)
Party One: Halley

My Groups:
Party One: Halley
Uhm… There is no order because there is only one person. Nothing to change here.

Nothing dangerous has happened so far. I sent Halley to find hidden items and found some Material. But Materials are useless because I don’t want upgrades. Halley is at 1 Trust now.

Um… I lost my Lightning but I survived. Bruton is easy if you know how to defeat him. Upgrades are not available at this moment (Doug isn’t in the party yet) so this battle stays the same.

The Genius of the Century is back! This time with more sinking ships than ever!
7 years ago#3
Is that it?
XxJesterxX, creating awkward moments around the world everyday.
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