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Game saves in ps2 for this game

#1StellaRellaPosted 8/9/2012 5:09:53 AM
Might not be in the right section but since it's for this game so I decided to post this here.

I'm planning to get a ps2 for this game since I haven't played it yet but would like to get some tips from you guys, hope you can help. I heard that people uses 8mb memory card for game saves for ps2- but how many save files can you save from that, because I think my psp memory card is 4gb and it can save a lot of games. 8 mb seems small. Does the 8MB memory card work on all ps2 console including the slimline one? Thanks if you could help.
#2Mikey_RPosted 8/9/2012 6:49:27 AM
For PS2, 8MB is actually alot. KH2 takes 90 kb per save. So you can get alot on there.

And yes, they work on the Slimline. The only difference between the phat and slim is the fact the slim is smaller.
#3Hotel_SecurityPosted 8/9/2012 3:07:54 PM
Who the heck are these people that started this fad of referring to the fat PS2 as “phat” and also where are they so I can punch them in the throat?