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Riku's Blindfold Theory (Spoilers?) (Archived)shakiruhhlee88/2/2013
Playing as Roxas in different worlds (Archived)Roxas13437/25/2013
Missing Selphie's character entry (Archived)Sk8erpunq57/21/2013
Do you like how they turned Hollow Bastion into a peaceful town? (spoilers) (Poll)slk_2357/19/2013
The best lines in the game are when Donald and Goofy are talking about Sephiroth (Poll)slk_2327/18/2013
What if you played as Roxas for Atlantica? (Archived)Expelsword107/16/2013
What level should I be at to fight Xemnas? (Archived)Joeeetm47/11/2013
Never finished this game, should I try again? (Archived)kagster12357/8/2013
Hey, Shock in this game has the same voice as Lil from "Rugrats"! (Archived)slk_2357/7/2013
anyone else replaying this while waiting for for 1.5 to be released? (Archived)thetruesora77/3/2013
Sephiroth Help (Archived)ElpollogabazXII47/3/2013
How to make this game hard/ harder? (Archived)velvet_hammer87/3/2013
7 years after the release of Kingdom Hearts 2, are you still playing the game (Poll)hisroyalbonkess17/3/2013
Kingdom Hearts 3 is in development! (Archived)
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To Think This All Started with a Trip on a Raft... (SPOILERS) (Archived)Dawn_Wanderer56/27/2013
Problem with this game was the 2nd hal fof the game and its planning (Archived)ryudo50066/27/2013
Which is worse? Kingdom Hearts II or Zelda series? (Archived)spirited1tutu56/22/2013
Looking for a *really* old KH parody gif/movie (Archived)KOTRsss26/22/2013
All English voices in this game are terrible. (Archived)
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hayner = zell. pence = ward. olette = garnet (Archived)ThugLife24796/17/2013