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Certain Keyblades pair well with certain abilities? and abilities in general (Archived)Hroux211/25/2013
This game is so boring compared to kh1 (Archived)AreaFiftyOne7411/25/2013
Do you think they should've ended Kingdom Hearts at this sequel? (Archived)AzureEverything1011/24/2013
Missed a few worlds (Archived)masfun2000211/16/2013
Should I play this game if I havent played KH1 yet? (Archived)darkwargreymon9410/22/2013
HD version announced. Will contain Final Mix, Birth by Sleep, and Re: Coded (Archived)slk_23210/15/2013
Is this game getting a remake? and/or PSN? (Archived)A_Man3383358553710/14/2013
How many years before this did Ansem start his search? SPOILERS (Archived)mninp110/3/2013
Utada Hikaru's mother commits suicide... (Archived)Yogos910/3/2013
Agrabah(Spoilers) (Archived)TGUN_201339/29/2013
Wondering if I should play this... (Archived)
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Can't believe I never asked this, but why DID Roxas end up... SPOILERS (Archived)gawado49/20/2013
Darkness Of The Unknown sampled by J. Cole (Archived)mohsin2859/16/2013
Can't believe Roxas lost the Character Contest. (Archived)
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No heartless in twilight town? And Org 13. (Archived)pendell39/12/2013
The order you fight with FF characters shows how the devs like them (spoilers) (Archived)slk_2349/6/2013
What is Pete saying? (Possible spoilers) (Archived)musicman161638/20/2013
A few questions on obtaining the Ultima Weapon and proceeding with the story. (Archived)96kidbuu68/20/2013
I was collecting the 7 Orichalcum+ but came across a problem. (Archived)96kidbuu58/14/2013
Coliseum question (Archived)IAMTHERAY28/4/2013
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