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Am I the only one who thinks... (Archived)
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So I just finished watching Hercules (Archived)ChronoCactaur32/14/2013
"I'm sorry about the ice cream!" (Archived)
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AP Boost (Archived)Chonen82/10/2013
Does anyone have their game freezes when they try to enter a world? (Archived)StellaRella62/9/2013
do the fighting (Archived)hizelshustat9932/7/2013
Kingdom Hearts III coming out ever? (Archived)
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Forms in Colosseum (Archived)Chonen31/25/2013
What do you love about this game? (Spoilers? Oh MY, yes!) (Archived)
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First Playthrough on Hard (Archived)Chonen81/24/2013
are there 2 disc for KH2 Final Mix? (Archived)NeoFlyingDragon31/22/2013
MP Charge and the Drive Gauge (Archived)Ice_Shield41/19/2013
after playing FM+.... (Archived)
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Hades Paradox Cup is a good challenge (Archived)
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Why are the fights so annoyingly uneven? (spoilers, I suppose) (Archived)
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How to do the Struggle in later game? (Archived)KathrynsDad512/29/2012
Did the Reaction Command option make the game's difficulty too easy? (Archived)HakuMan111386512/22/2012
Final Fantasy characters You would want in Kingdom hearts. (Archived)
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Can somebody with the JP game (or FM) do me a favor? (spoilers) (Archived)slmcknett712/19/2012
re: losing to setzer on purpose (Archived)armoredisciple212/15/2012