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So which attacks in this game are dark-elemental? (Archived)creamyicecream212/6/2012
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KH 1 or 2? (Archived)
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Hey Kingdom Hearts 3!!!! (Archived)MrToXiC1011/26/2012
New to game, but not series (Archived)
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Now that Disney owns Muppets, Marvel and Star Wars... (Archived)Miken Ayers811/7/2012
The KH1 remake for the PS3 will have KH2's camera. (Archived)avataR_Keyblade811/2/2012
Happy Holloween, KH 2 Board! (Archived)DSkillz311/1/2012
KH 2 ending *Spoiler* (Archived)
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Fate of the Unknown Cover (Archived)Megaheartsfan110/25/2012
Plausibility of unused Disney worlds in future KH games (Archived)
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Playing for the first time. Do I return to the tittle screen before shutting (Archived)Sir_Haxor410/12/2012
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX coming to PS3 (Archived)
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If I didn't do Lion King before the levels change... (Archived)Shadow_of_Deth210/7/2012
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ign ranks kh1 higher on 100 ps2 games list but ranks kh2 higher on 100 rpg list (Archived)thenoobynoober910/6/2012
best order to play the PS2 games? (Archived)jonnovision1710/6/2012
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