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Sticky::New User Topic:: 99 Things You MUST Know (Read before posting) [SPOILERS] (Sticky)
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BboyRash42811/5 7:06PM
Can you 100% the game on the Wii U VC version?AmephEstMako11/31 10:01AM
How does the link-up work with the Japanese Virtual Console version? (Archived)Bass_X021/8 7:38PM
So, the game thinks I have a Navicust bug when doing a Style change... (Archived)EddMario212/23 2:01PM
I found a plot hole in this game *spoilers* (Archived)Defender31415511/24 10:52AM
Areasteal vs. Stealjelly (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X1011/14 7:19AM
replaying 2 and 3 (Archived)64crayons211/6 5:02PM
Playing 1 - 6 for the first time, here are my thoughts so far (Archived)
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Weltall5481511/4 8:13PM
Question about keeping style and its level (Archived)leo412510/13 10:39PM
I really should have worked on the Job BBS throughout the story... (Archived)Perroquiet410/13 7:08AM
Speedruns are fun. (My first MMBN3 speedrun) (Archived)MirrormanEXE18/31 4:34AM
Challenge running! (Archived)duumb98/31 3:27AM
Finally closing in on finishing my Battle Network 3 journey (Archived)
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MirrormanEXE308/24 10:33PM
Doing my own 1-6 playthrough, and this is officially my least favorite (Archived)
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Inferno05238/24 10:29PM
So how well did battle network predict the future? (Archived)mistermikeymike28/17 6:41AM
....wait, who is the "howling, wild navi" from the security cube in Undernet 4? (Archived)MultiKoopa58/16 1:59PM
Anybody know how exactly to get a Sensor1 C chip? (Archived)MultiKoopa38/13 11:02AM
Can a SonicWav W be acquired in Blue version? (Archived)MultiKoopa48/12 11:29PM
So...will getting five stars be impossible in the Wii U version? (Archived)Goombacrusher88/11 3:13PM
I can't seem to find this online. What were the differences between white/black? (Archived)MultiKoopa88/9 6:05PM
Anyone know when it comes out for Wii U? (Archived)LaLiLLuLeLo35/21 10:34AM