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Sticky::New User Topic:: 99 Things You MUST Know (Read before posting) [SPOILERS] (Sticky)
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BboyRash42811/5 8:06PM
Finally Finished with 100%ing the Game!Dezrtstorm35/2 7:19AM
Posting my folders (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X44/18 4:47PM
Two more chips!! (Archived)Dezrtstorm24/16 8:14PM
Help with getting Giga chip (Archived)Dezrtstorm24/16 8:04PM
I GoT DELTA RAY!!!!! (Archived)redXjack94/16 4:01PM
Why do the Bubbleman and Darkman folders in the RFF list V5? (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X74/12 7:25PM
Promotional vs Retail. (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X34/11 6:39PM
So it's coming to the Wii U eShop sometime (Archived)
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palkia19154/9 8:13PM
KillersEye vs Killer Sensor 3 (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X54/9 10:40AM
One thing I hate about the Navi Customizer. (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X34/5 5:16PM
Help with battle chip! (Archived)Dezrtstorm34/5 4:52PM
Hello :D (Archived)
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SilverWingZeta203/27 12:50PM
Deltaray and Blance giga chips from netbattle (Archived)redXjack12/12 8:38PM
Can you 100% the game on the Wii U VC version? (Archived)AmephEstMako32/11 7:00PM
How does the link-up work with the Japanese Virtual Console version? (Archived)Bass_X021/8 8:38PM
So, the game thinks I have a Navicust bug when doing a Style change... (Archived)EddMario212/23 3:01PM
I found a plot hole in this game *spoilers* (Archived)Defender31415511/24 11:52AM
Areasteal vs. Stealjelly (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X1011/14 8:19AM
replaying 2 and 3 (Archived)64crayons211/6 6:02PM
Playing 1 - 6 for the first time, here are my thoughts so far (Archived)
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Weltall5481511/4 9:13PM