Getting Shadow * + Longsword L?

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User Info: Gutsman0X

7 years ago#1
Well, im in cust style and i have S ranked these damn shadows like 20 times and they still havn't given me a Shadow* and im not using navis or anything. I've been using lifesword PA's and varswords. And Longsword L, i only have 2 of them so i need one more to make my folder more fluid.

User Info: EchoPhoenix

7 years ago#2
For LongSword L you need to S Rank Swordy viruses without Custom Style. Don't know why you can't get Shadow *s though. Make sure you're not firing your buster or anything (although that would be stupid for Shadows).

User Info: JackGreb

7 years ago#3
I think if you S-rank a swordy while using a Mega Chip, it won't count as a custom rank.
R.I.P Mednafen...

User Info: kaothic86

7 years ago#4
Megachips are fine as long as they aren't navi chips, Guardian works, for example.

User Info: Zegar14

7 years ago#5
It might depend on where you're doing this at, for one thing. If Darkmanv3 is running around in undernet 6 Shadows will also appear there. I've had good luck getting Shadow * off them. However, I've only rarely gotten them off secret area shadows.

The Undernet 6 Shadows always appear with 1 other virus, but that Virus is usually in the first row, so if you hit a lifesword draw on turn 1 you can win the battle in less than a second.

User Info: hehezetaru

7 years ago#6
Oh, so that's why! I've been setting Blues V5 as my 11th chips and tried like 200 times. Literally.
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  3. Getting Shadow * + Longsword L?

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