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5 years ago#1

Which game is better between the two? I want to get one of them but I can't choose which. I played sunshine and I thought the sotry was a bit short and the rest of the stars are annoying and boring to get, is galaxy the same way? And is Brawl too much like melee or are there many differences?

5 years ago#2
Brawl is pretty diverse than Melee. More Characters, more stages, and a pretty neat adventure mode. Galaxy is a bit more Linear than Sunshine, but I wouldn't think any missions to be annoying. If you want Multiplayer fun that never gets old, get Brawl. If you mostly play single player games and enjoy platformers, get SMG or SMG2.
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5 years ago#3
Brawl is definitely better than Galaxy. I have 500+ hours on Brawl and it's really fun. Brawl has enough differences from Melee to be a lot different, like more characters, more diverse characters, characters are more usable, more stages, difficulties for the event matches, a 6+ hour adventure mode, a different physics engine. Then there's the little things like an all on/off button for items, the start game screen in Group mode is through the middle of the screen so it doesn't obscure the character selection, great graphics, amazing music, etc. Of course, if you have friends to play Brawl with, that definitely helps, but I've played several hours of both Brawl and Melee just single player.

Galaxy is great too, but like ben said it is really linear, but it makes up for that with nice difficulty and great level design and music.
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5 years ago#4

Thanks for the tips, they both look pretty fun.

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