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I bought the Smash Bros. Edition controller, and used it for playing Melee._Five_411/23 8:18AM
How old is your GameCube?
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MCDM1711/22 7:37AM
What was the first GameCube game you owned?
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darylyan6804411/18 5:42AM
Top 100 GameCube games of all time - part two
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jls40347711/18 4:43AM
How is Timesplitters 2, Killer 7, Geist and P.N. 03? good games?
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AwesomeOSauce1111/17 6:11PM
Do you think we will ever get a gamecube 2?dmx49401011/16 4:50PM
How's Surf's Up (The game)?CubeTV111/16 4:14PM
Is Luigi's Mansion still as good a game now? (Poll)
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_Five_2911/14 7:41PM
Resident Evil Zero HD Petition Topic
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Gauller2011/14 8:07AM
Are memory card slots on a GameCube the same size on the Wii?smasher869511/14 7:34AM
Can anyone identify my GameCube controller?Goombasmasher3711/13 3:25PM
any gamecube games that use the CD-ROM format???jjgg123811/12 10:58PM
That GBA Link Cable is used with a LOT of games and unlocks new content. (Archived)
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NewportBox100s2511/9 11:39AM
Are there any multiplatform games that benefit using the GC controller? (Archived)str8Knowledge311/8 11:11PM
top 10 games that require skill (Archived)
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action19811411/7 7:51AM
Sub-480 resolutions on the Gamecube? (Archived)FuzzyJello411/3 5:34PM
Just got Spongebob: Creature From The Krusty Krab... (Archived)CubeTV211/1 3:56PM
I don't get it- why the hell do these cost so much? (Archived)hydra dragon1010/31 11:27PM
Best Year for the Gamecube? (Poll)
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evoxpisces1610/30 6:40PM
Did You Know...? (Archived)SaturnX03910/29 7:30AM