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Apparently, some games don't have a block size, and just list 'Memory Card". (Archived)Enigma14949/3 3:21PM
gamecube vs N64 again (Archived)
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Anymore games like Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom? (Archived)Kous5278/23 9:07PM
Gamecube won't read a certain disk? (Archived)CommodoreConn38/20 10:44AM
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I can't seem to get these two games to work right even after a good buffing. (Archived)
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GameCube RPGs, why no love? (Archived)
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Why has REmake got such awesome graphics for its time? (Archived)
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Gamecube Slim (Archived)
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Got a new computer. Can I record GCN games in HD? (Archived)
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Oh man! The memory card 1016 got corrupted with all the saved games! (Archived)
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Gamecube wish list (Archived)
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