Anyone still here?

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6 years ago#1

So, I'm going to be starting this game sometime soon. I know, it's an old game but I didn't pick it up until recently. I was just wondering if anyone happens by this board sometimes. In case I end up getting stuck, I'd kind of like a place that I can ask for help. xD

Anyways, if you're around, just say so. It'd definitely help me out. Thanks!

6 years ago#2
XD well i'm here. i've been swinging about for a while now. but idk much about the actual game itself :\
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6 years ago#3
Yes! An actual person's come across this board! I was thinking no one would. xD

Well, I had started it already but this game kicks my butt. I'm having a hard time adjusting to the controls mostly, plus it's seem easy to lose your health pretty quickly. So...we'll see how far I can make it in the game anyways. :/
6 years ago#4

i've been here a while but i never see anyone about so i don't usually post. BUT ALAS! YOU'VE COME HERE!
Platinum FC: 4769-5638-3049 Name: Jake -----------
6 years ago#5

cool, people.

6 years ago#6
always a fun time on the galerians board. :D
Platinum FC: 4769-5638-3049 Name: Jake -----------
6 years ago#7
Does anyone ever go over to the board for Ash too? I mean, that one's just as dead, but you never know.
6 years ago#8

Galerians still has a small following. And we come here from time to time :)

6 years ago#9
O M G i forgot about this game PSN releas nao!
6 years ago#10
Is the second game any good? I have to try that out...and also,how's the anime guys?
Galerians was one of my favourite games ever...just gotta love the atmosphere.
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