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User Info: tuna_salad

11 years ago#11
does the disable parental control thing work for the slim ps2?cuz i cant do it.

User Info: allisonkesselbo

11 years ago#12
The Link you gave for disc read error helped me ps2 died.wouldn't play nothing. I followed that guide and now it's like a new born baby. Thank you for posting that link! Also if you know how I can contact the creater of that guide i'd appreciate it. I really need to thank him. And you of course. So thanks soo much! You both saved me money.
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User Info: CNash

11 years ago#13
Pain King: you have a DRE problem, either use the home-fixing method I linked to in the FAQ, or send it in for repair. Or just buy a stand-alone DVD player.
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User Info: jvgfanatic

11 years ago#14

Press and hold SQUARE and TRIANGLE as soon as the game starts to boot. (before the PS2 logo is recommended).

User Info: rkjles

11 years ago#15
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: LinuxRocks

11 years ago#16
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User Info: didlowman

11 years ago#17
how do i format my memory card with out a cheat device

User Info: Emerald_Mara85

11 years ago#18
Um, hello...
My playstation 2 can't play Wild arms Alter Code F (after the protowing took off) because its a dual layer...
I was told to change my boot settings to Modes 1-7...I ask what are these stuff but no reply...
Please help me...
I don't know where are these stuff too...

User Info: MrBubbles

11 years ago#19
The US Holiday 2004 Disk from Sony can fix corrupted memory cards. My sisters blue (first party) memory card was corrupted by Dragon Ball Z: Budokai I. I was upset so much by losing my save data because of Viewtiful Joe 2, I said to myself "Lets see if I can do anything to my sisters memory card". By playing VJ2 at least 2-3 times, the memory card became unformated and it asked me to format it. But before, it had a corrupted save data that wouldn't be deleted and the card was useless with our PS2 games. Sorry if old info.
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User Info: fillup0

11 years ago#20
I have a big problem while playing splinter cell. but since its a spy game, it might be supposed to be like that, on the police level, after i got hold of somebody to get info about two agents, i check them, i tell s me to follow a van, i open a door, them all i hear is "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" and the screen is wierd too, the lens are not dusty, the cables are in perfectly, but i was also using cheats on a cheat disc. could this be the cause? if not, its maybe because thats the first time i have used graphics that impressive on my ps2, the rest are so lazy...
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