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#31SaintHubbinsPosted 3/11/2006 9:35:02 AMmessage detail
Thanks, Naru.
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My PS2 won't read any discs! There not scratched up, it will read the disc for about 4 seconds then stop!
#33CNash(Topic Creator)(Moderator)Posted 3/13/2006 5:59:07 AMmessage detail
Your're suffering from Disc Read Errors. DREs don't necessarily have to say "Disc Read Error" on the Browser screen - one of the symptoms is when your PS2 reads a disc for a few seconds, and then stops.

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do you need the can of air thing or no? can you just blow because i dont know where i can find the air in a can thing.
#35King 8 BitPosted 3/17/2006 3:31:24 PMmessage detail
Well I've got a length of CAT5 cable and I can see how it connects to my PS2 but it doesn't look there's anywhere on my computer I can put the other end :S

Is there a socket on most computers for a CAT5 cable and if so, where abouts can I put the cable? And I have broadband but if I need to use phone cable, will that plug into my slimline PS2 okay?

Cheers =]
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#36LDKAngelPosted 3/18/2006 4:23:41 PMmessage detail
Do any of you know how to send it to Sony? Am I supposed to call them first. Can you give me the number?
#37xboxteenageriotPosted 3/20/2006 10:01:19 AMmessage detail
i have just replaced my lens and sometimes, when i try to load a game it goes to the red screen error. so i just reset it and it loads the game fine. i'm just kinda freaked out coz i dunno if this is just normal.

it still on warranty, so i'm still safe if it conked out again.

just wanna ask to those who have replaced their lens before, if they do have experienced this on their ps2's with their newly installed lens?.

#38Jimmy DingusPosted 3/27/2006 7:45:42 PMmessage detail
Does anyone know how to fix a slim ps2 from DREs?
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Is there a socket on most computers for a CAT5 cable and if so, where abouts can I put the cable?

You don't normally connect a game console to your computer to access the Internet with it.

What you need is called a router, which is placed between your computer/PS2 and your broadband modem so all can use the net at the same time. Routers come in various costs and quality (the top of the top can cost $1000 or more, while a decent one can be got for $50-$100).

It's possible for your computer to be your router, but this is somewhat more involved. Such a computer needs multiple network ports (one to connect to the uplink, one or more to connect the machines to be routed); there do exist special network cards that have multiple ports, but the main consideration is the OS - Windows really isn't up to such a serious task, you would want to run Linux or FreeBSD or something similar on the router computer instead. The exact details of this are complicated and beyond the scope of this message; I really recommend the use of a standalone router.

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