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7 years ago#351
Greg "dratsab" Huffman
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7 years ago#352
So do PS2's just randomly stop reading discs..? Cause i've owned about 4, and each one (keep in mind that they're all in very well-ventilated areas, and are horizontal) just reaches a point, and just calls it good...and stops reading discs.. hmm...
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7 years ago#353
mine's always been vertical, never had a problem, it's about 7 years old.
when horizontal, the dust collects on the lens, which causes the problem.
it's easy to fix that. you have to pull it apart though, but it's not in warranty anyway.
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7 years ago#354
The ps2 rocks
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I have an old ps2 and broke the disc tray when it got drooped and now it won't retract. Dose any one know any place where I can get it fixed other than by sending it to Sony?
7 years ago#356
you could try fixing it yourself. I got a broken PS2 off ebay, the tray was the older style, with the metal rod on the left hand side underneath. the slider had broken off. I used Selley's Plastics Glue and it glued perfectly. It's ABS plastic, so look for ABS glue. If you've still got the bits that broke off, you could fix it, if not, then you might nave to get a replacement tray.
R.I.P Nicky-------------Pat---------------Mother Puss
I have a same problem with huggle too. Well, is there a way to fix this??
Before this, my ps2 is fine.
Ow yeah, before my ps2 became like this, my cousins open the disc tray at the middle of the game. Well.... same question....
is there a way to fix this???

P.s: sorry for broken english, bro
7 years ago#358
I've opened the disc tray in the middle of a game, and nothing seems to be wrong so far. It could be your laser. It depends how dusty your environment. Also, I always have mine vertical, unless I take it to someones place, and so I figure dust doesn't settle on the lens as easily.
You could try one of those CD/DVD laser cleaning discs.
Otherwise you would have to open it up. To get to the lens only involves taking off the ps2 cover, which can be wasy or hard, depending on model, then DVD drive cover.
R.I.P Nicky-------------Pat---------------Mother Puss
Do you mean the lens in the disc tray?
how i clean the lens/ the laser then?

P.s: sorry for broken english, bro

From: inviciblesora | #359
P.s: sorry for broken english, bro

If you're going to be saying that so much, you should probably put it in your signature! XD

From: Andrew Shinn | #353
when horizontal, the dust collects on the lens, which causes the problem.

This is very nice to know! I've been keeping my PS2 vertical lately (and my 360 horizontal; they're both on the same table), so I guess I should keep it that way, huh?

Anyway, I have some questions about my PS2:

1) I got it back in December of 2002 (Model No. SCPH-39001; it's a PS2 "Phat") and I've been wanting to clean the mass amounts of dust that have been collecting on the vents (both the front vents below the disc drive and the rear vent where the van is located) for a long time, but I never inquired as to how to go about it safely (i.e. without opening it up). How do I go about that?

2) I recently started to keep my PS2 vertical, but I've been noticing that, on occasion, one of the speakers on my TV will stop putting out sound or the picture on my screen will turn some weird color (maybe both have happened at the same time, but I didn't take notice).

Whenever this happens, I'll get up, walk over to the PS2, and mess around with the A/V connector until the sound kicks back in on the dead speaker or the picture returns to normal. I may have had this problem a few times when I kept it horizontal, but it recently started to do this for a few days in a row when I would play my PS2 vertically.

Now, the question: Can anyone explain exactly what's happening and what I can do to prevent it?
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