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10 years ago#61
hi there,
I got a quick question that probably more then a few others i know need an answer too.
can you hook up a psp to a slimline [via usb] and save ps2 files to the psp pro duo stick?
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10 years ago#62
Alright i have two questions.

I have a launch Ps2 and it would any game just fine until about a month ago, Now I am getting DRE on only certain games, which are MGS2: Substance, FFX, World Series of Poker 2005, and Tiger Woods 2004. also I am sometimes getting DRE on Socom2 and Guitar Hero (not usually though) There may be some more games, however I cant remember right now because I dont have it handy to tell you.

Also I have another PS2 the launch one is my brother's but this one is a slim I got for Christmas 2005, IIRC. It will not read anything except the memory card. Ive tried PS one games, PS2 games, CDs, and DVDs, but it doesn't even say reading disc. I need some help here!!

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10 years ago#63
I'm havnig a problem in Online Mode, whenever I load a online game while the DNAS thing is working my PS2 freezes and the only way to get it working again is to restart it, how can I fix this problem?
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10 years ago#64
The silver strip is what hooks up the reset/eject switch assembly to the PS2 proper. It's attached to the top of the DVD drive with a white sticker, so it probably came off by yanking it open - you sort of have to reach in there with a knife to peel off the sticker.
10 years ago#65
I have a similar problem as ofirissmart. On MGS3: Subsistence, it connects online, yet it fails the DNAS check:

A network timeout occurred. "DNAS Error (-617) A network error has occurred." Please double-check your network connection and/or network configuration.

I have AOL Broadband, and I know that it isn't compatible, but people have found ways to get around AOL DSL, so surely someone has found something over these past years... >_>
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10 years ago#66
I just brought home (home being USA) an Asian slim PS2 from Shanghai, but the power cord is 250v! (It's a SCPH-75006 model, supposedly reads NTSC J games.)

Is this supposed to be normal?

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10 years ago#67
Very nice faq. Thanks.
10 years ago#68
I have question I have ps2 slim 7500 would like play japanese games do to have mod system or can use Magic swap "boot cds" to play games.
10 years ago#69
Nice topic d<_<d
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10 years ago#70
Post 70!
Bring it
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