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For problem # 6: what if some of your discs are playing (regardless of the condition its in) while others are not and your still getting disc read errors?
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I want to connect my Slimline PS2 to the internet. Do I have to string the Cat5 cable all the way through my house to the router, or is there a wireless way to do this?
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Nice faq.
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What does sony say to people who have opened their systems and which makes in void in the warrenty? Do they still fix it?
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basically, does anyone know what the most recent system models/numbers were, so if i buy used, i can buy a more recently designed model?

The newest Slim model in the US is SCPH-70012. SCPH-70011 is also a NA model of the same generation but will be rare to see in the US (it is primarily sold in Canada). SCPH-70001 is the older Slim model. I'm not sure what's changed in the new Slim - in any case, neither Slim model is really that old.

The last Big model in the US was SCPH-50001; this was preceded by the SCPH-39001, in turn by the 35001, and the launch PS2 was SCPH-30001.

I have no experience with the Slim PS2; I've had three Bigs (one 50001 and two 39001's).

I would recommend the 50001 if you're buying a Big, though the 39001 should be OK - it seems to depend more on how much it's been used and how well it's been cared for than anything else. Here's the status of mine, for instance -

50001 - I bought this new around the very twilight of the Big model. It still works perfectly, though there's this one problem in Final Fantasy VIII I can't seem to figure out (it keeps freezing in a certain place near the end of disc 2 - I'm told this may be related to the PS1 driver settings). Doesn't seem to have any trouble with any particular disc types (plays Blue discs fine, as well as DVD9's like Xenosaga 1 and Wild Arms: Alter Code F).

39001 - One of these is not technically mine, though I count it as such for purposes of this quality evaluation - it was bought by my parents primarily for use by my brother and sister. It was bought several years before I bought the 50001 or the other 39001, and still works well to this day (though doesn't see much use anymore), other than having the Blue disc problem (it did not have any problems with DVD9, though). This is despite it having even been dropped once due to the old trip-over-the-cord problem.

The other one I bought used from ebay; it worked OK for a few months, after which it scuffed my Disgaea disc (thankfully the toothpaste trick worked), and then not long afterwards (days, IIRC) died completely, with a blinking red power light and no response to the drive door or reset button. Judging by the enduring reliability of the OTHER 39001 (which as I noted had even suffered trauma), I suspect it must just have been that close to the end of its natural life when I purchased it, and aggravated by the fact that Disgaea, the game I was playing when it finally died, accesses the disc quite frequently (I believe this is the same reason, say, GTA:SA is also often associated with PS2 hardware failures). It also had the Blue disc problem, though again apparently not the DVD9 problem.

IOW, if you get a Big, you should be OK with either a 50001 or a 39001, though 39001's seem to be prone to the Blue disc problem, and you really should get a unit that's as new as possible (in terms of use rather than age as hardware lifetimes are naturally based on hours of use rather than realtime).

I'm not sure on the Big vs. Slim debate. Two things are apparent, though -

* While the Slim shouldn't overheat if cared for properly, it should definitely be allowed its 'personal space' and not shoved in an enclosed area, much more importantly than with Big.

* There are many, many reports of Slims having trouble with PS1 memory cards, particularly third-party PS1 memory cards. I am not sure if Sony did this deliberately or if it is simply a matter of dodgy memory cards or perhaps some unintentional subtle difference in the memory card access hardware (upgrades often introduce incompatibilities with nonstandard addons, this is simply a fact of life in all things computer).

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Also, how do I change the disc read speed? I read on another board that you can change how fast your PS2 reads discs.

IIRC this is only for PS1 games, there is an option in the PlayStation Driver that allows you to toggle between normal and fast disc reads. Note that some games may freeze or have other problems if you use this option though (others might need it, though I'm not sure of any specific titles offhand).

Mine loads and plays movies fine but when i put a game in it, it reverts back to the menu screen and shows a PS2 disc.

This and your other problems suggest that your PS2 is, sadly, probably on its way out; its drive is wearing out, a natural but unavoidable problem with all disc based game consoles. You will probably want to buy a new PS2 (it is virtually not worth sending it in for repair; when my used 39001 died, Sony wanted $100+ to repair it, plus I would have to ship it to them on my dollar; a new one by contrast was only $149 then, and $129 now).

I just brought home (home being USA) an Asian slim PS2 from Shanghai, but the power cord is 250v! (It's a SCPH-75006 model, supposedly reads NTSC J games.)

Welcome to international power. Just buy yourself one of those outlet adapter kits - they're usually sold in places catering to people who travel internationally and shouldn't be too hard to find (not sure about cost, though).

I want to connect my Slimline PS2 to the internet. Do I have to string the Cat5 cable all the way through my house to the router, or is there a wireless way to do this?

It can be done wirelessly, but I'm not 100% on the method. I know most wireless access points have an Ethernet port, but whether you can simply plug a gaming console into this and have it work I am not sure. You may have to do something like set up a cheap Linux computer (Windows is not really up to router tasks) with a wireless card, and then set that computer up to be a 'mini router' for the part of the house the PS2 is in ... It definitely CAN be done though if you are willing to work at it.

What does sony say to people who have opened their systems and which makes in void in the warrenty? Do they still fix it?

Not sure, but without warranty coverage, it's practically not worth it to send it in for repair - as I mentioned above, even a couple of years ago this was $100+ (wouldn't be surprised if it was higher now), plus you have to ship it to Sony yourself (I was told there are no regional or local repair facilities, you have to send it away to the main US repair facility). Given that a new PS2 is down to $129 now, you hardly save anything at all sending it in for repair (plus buying a new one gets you a brand new unit, while your repaired unit is going to be as aging as ever - unless you're modding, in which case you don't want Sony to see it at all, chances are the reason you opened your PS2 is because the disc drive was starting to go ...).

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Oh Snap!
Can I borrow Tree-fitty?
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I have a UK PAL slimline PS2, and i really fancy playing some NTSC US release only games. What are my options?
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I may have read somewhere about adjusting the laser height but maybe i didnt, ad just did it myself experimenting. But i Switched my PS2's from not reading CDs and only reading DVDs the other way round by toggling this white gear inside the disc tray towards the back. Now that was with the 30001R model.
I'm trying to do this with a 50001 model now but it has 2 gears instead of one, does anyone have any advice on this cause it looks like it will be time consuming to be trying combinations. This PS2 is only reading CD's by the way.
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hi. i just want to know how to copy a save file into memory card from pc and vice versa please let me know the step by step instruction and please also tell me that will this method work on ps2(with mod chip)??

hey and forgot to tell u guys that i have network adapter and hard disk for my PS2 and secondly is there a method of using USb(flash drive) to copy save files??if so please do let me know.

sorry for posting this here because i have made my own "copying save files from memory card to pc and pc to memory card" topic but no response hope i get here
thanx i m looking forward for a reply