What games are you playing? Autumn 2011 Edition

#1LORDCOSMOSPosted 9/18/2011 12:00:55 PM
Old topic is filled up, so here's a new one for everybody!

Topic questions are as follows:

1. What is your favorite game or gaming experience playing during the cold cold months of winter??

2. What games are you looking forward to coming out from now until the end of the year??

3. (slightly random) Tell us your experiences with IMPORTing games, if you have any to tell!
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#2DeltaBladeXPosted 9/18/2011 12:09:04 PM
Bah, I wanted to make the next one. :P

1 - My fingers cramp like heck during winter, so my gaming goes down. First thing that comes to mind is how hard the action games get. No chance with DMC when its cold. I can't think happy thoughts. :(
2 - Honestly haven't been paying attention to upcoming titles. I won't have money.
3 - Beyond import games I've found in local stores, nothing. Unless you count trading games with people outside the country. Done that with a few Aussies and now one American.

Still waiting to play more Kingdom Hearts. Can't wait to get back from work.
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#3Nagisa_ShinjuPosted 9/18/2011 1:18:01 PM
1. Blizzard of 1996. Schools closed for almost two weeks. During that time i completely veged out on Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid and gunstar heroes. Best winter ever.

2. Torchlight 2 and maybe a release date for Diablo 3. Doubt it will come out this year though. Tales of the Abyss would be here too if Namco didn't hate America so much XD

3. Play Asia and ebay are your friends here. I've imported many games from them and rarely ran into any problems. Mainly a bunch of Super Robot Wars games and the occasional too good to pass up RPG that will never be released state side. Sadly, the 3DS is region locked and I won't be able to play any SRWs on the system...

Needless to say, that seriously pisses me off. Haven't played anything noteworthy since last post though...
#4presea_loverPosted 9/18/2011 1:32:29 PM
1. What is your favorite game or gaming experience playing during the cold cold months of winter??

Um, whatever game I'm enjoying then. I have a special place in my heart for the Punisher xbox game, though. It's fun to replay that game over and over.

2. What games are you looking forward to coming out from now until the end of the year??

I honestly don't know. Most of them just came out. Child of Eden, FEAR 3, Deus Ex: HR and Portal 2 are all games I need to go back and pick up.

3. (slightly random) Tell us your experiences with IMPORTing games, if you have any to tell!

I imported Mobile Suit Gundam: The Ace Pilot and the Mushihimesama Futara game for Xbox 360. They're both really good. Not much to tell, except Playasia is a good website.
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#5PsienceWinsPosted 9/18/2011 1:55:08 PM
1) I don't have any favorite gaming experiences from the holiday seasons. If anything I guess it would be when I got my Gamecube for Christmas. Being able to play Smash Bros and Pikmin through the holidays with my friends when I was in middle school was awesome since we couldn't get out to skateboard. Too much snow in D.C. when I lived there. Now that I'm older I don't pick any special games to play during a specific season. Just whatever I feel like. I'm currently playing Persona 3 on PS2 and trying to work on my backlog of PS2 games in general. I have played Persona 3 Portable before though, so it's not so bad, however I know I'm going to end up playing through it twice since you unlock a special dungeon and boss battle on the New Game+. After this I'm going to play Mark of Kri and then GTA: Vice City Stories. So I have a "playlist" so to speak, but I don't think of any specific games I want to play on certain seasons.

2) I can't even think of a game this holiday season that is a must have for me. I want to play Dead Island and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, but I'm waiting on both. Maybe I'll purchase Uncharted 3 on release. I do know that I want to pick up the rest of the .hack// before the year ends so I can play it though without pause and given that each game in the series is about 15 hours it shouldn't be too bad. The only issue is finding a complete copy of most of those games at a decent price. I'd be willing to pay around $15-20 for each game, but not $40-$60 like I seem to see a lot.

3) I've never imported a game. No story here.
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#6LORDCOSMOS(Topic Creator)Posted 9/18/2011 2:43:25 PM
1) The first was curling up with Vagrant Story for hours on end during 2006 or so. Seriously one of the most engrossing games ever made. I have no idea what was going on with the story. Must replay someday, probably when I get around to replaying FFTactics again. This had a somewhat magical effect on me, in that the moody snowey nighttime color scheme outside was perfectly matched by the moody medieval-ey "wood and steel" color scheme of Vagrant Story. At the time I was playing it on a little 13'' CRT TV, and have no desire to ever play on a TV that small ever again.

Secondly I remember being snowed in in Boulder, CO during one of the most epic blizzards the Rocky Mountain region has ever seen. 5-6 FEET, no lie. I was living with a couple of buddies, we all possible supplies covered (especially in the intoxicating variety). This was during the height of my sessions with Final Fantasy XII, which I absolutely enjoyed more than FFXIII. Again, the snow blanket made for a hazy, magical memory of playing this game.

2) LORDCOSMOS is looking forward to:
ICO & Shadow of Colossus HD Collection
Dark Souls
Batman: Arkham City
Bioshock Infinite
Mass Effect 3

^^outside of those, I don't see a need to Day 1 purchase anything else coming out this fall. Any other major release is in a series that I haven't played ANY of, thus no need for Day 1 Purchase. These are the games I plan on playing RIGHT AWAY.

3) I've done a fair amount of importing. I've imported these:
1. (Region-Free) Panasonic GameQube Combination Game/DVD player - bought from the now-defunct lik-sang.com. They were shut down for R4 cards, piracy, something to that effect. Also imported the Japanese Version of Soul Calibur II, which I probably could have waited for. Now it has this weird rattling and is generally pretty loud when turned on. One time it ate a gamecube disc, and spat it out later. Still works ok though. Also this thing deleted a good half-dozen complete gamecube saves, so that was fun.
2. vib-ribbon - this one was just too weird to pass up. Pretty sure I did stuff to my PSOne to play it. My first CD I put in there was some crazy techno CD, which is the equivalent of vib-ribbon on 'Legendary' or 'Expert' mode. Miles Davis, was pretty alright :)
3. Rakuga Kids - I have yet to play this one as it requires me to get a screwdriver that works with the N64 screwbits I also bought. I was on kindof a game-buying bender, and thought this looked like one of the craziest games I've ever seen. Very much looking forward to playing it someday, hopefully with friends!
4. I WILL be importing Xenoblade Chronicles from the U.K. Probably sometime in the winter.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Been getting all my 'Smooth Operator' bonuses as planned. Missed a couple of Ghosts, but meh, who cares lol. Currently have to take out some Mechs and cameras to let my buddy Malik land. Too bad she isn't going to survive this playthrough. Definutely skirting by on the least amount of items, XP as possible. Makes me wish I upgraded my Hacking earlier.

Dead Island

Bought today because I for some reason just couldn't wait. Will probably be putting quite a bit of time into this tonight.
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#7CymeryPosted 9/18/2011 7:17:09 PM
1) Well I had a grand time playing Oblivion last winter but back when I played only ps2 games I normally played rpgs/action adventure that had beaches and warm weather in it. During the summer however I play games with as many snowy areas as possible not sure why really.

2) The 27th I'm getting Atelier Totori so that's a game I'm looking forward to. Other then that I'd have to say Rune Factory Tides of Destiny, Harvest Moon A Tale of Two Towns, and Skyrim. I have a passing interest in Rage, Silent Hill Downpour, Disgaea 4, and Uncharted 3 but probably won't buy them until around summer when the prices should be lower (lots of games coming out jan-april that I'm interested in with day 1 buys). If FF13-2 or a Tales of game gets pushed ahead I'll be interested in those as well.

3) I've never importated a game before but I'm kinda tempted to import Ni No Kuni but it gets released here early 2012 so I can wait.

Nier - Finally got the white moonflower seed and that gave me the trophy I wanted so yay. Going to be continuing on with the story now that I can't complete anymore side quests for the time being.

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom - A little bit of story progress and I'm no longer lost. Currently in a desert area, found another 2 memory shards.

The Sly Collection - Managed to beat the first boss of the game and find a few more techniques.

Bioshock 2 - Found a few more audio diaries giving me a grand total of 16/100. Currently in a new area.
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#8Nagisa_ShinjuPosted 9/18/2011 10:24:28 PM
Dungeon Siege III

Played this pretty much all day. Sadly, the weekend is over and tomorrow starts another round of school work...yay. Anyways, I just got Reinhart, the mage. So now I have all four characters and wonder just how long this game is. Some pretty cool events happened and I think the story is picking up... Either way, it's pretty fun so far.

SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked

Erm, yeah, I don't know what it is but I don't think my party is up to par, even though I'm out leveling most enemies, level means nothing when your attacks are nulled or resisted...They say magic is the best way to go but my Atsuro, who is physical, rocks everything he sees...Oh well...Still on Day 2.
#9joesolarisPosted 9/18/2011 10:37:45 PM
currently playing samurai champloo sidetracked.
#10presea_loverPosted 9/19/2011 2:04:14 AM
Yeah, I actually forgot to say what I was playing.

I bought Mega Man Anniversary Collection and MMX Collection. And MM Zero 3. I'm gonna jump headfirst into the series after barely playing any of the games ever. I'm thinking of starting with MM2 or MM3. I mean, I've played some Zero 2, but it is really, really punishing. I can't beat any of the bosses.
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