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Worth getting? (Archived)
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Which of my top five PS2 games do you like the most? (Poll)
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Variation in Armored Core games? (Archived)MrElgawarg412/8 2:41PM
is it too late (Archived)
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Which is the best RPG? (Archived)
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Kings field the ancient city is so bad......but so good..... (Archived)VandorLee512/5 2:40PM
Name a Game with a Better *Story* than the One in the Last Post (Archived)
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How much is a brand new sealed ps2 slim worth? (Archived)blinkfreak812/4 6:58PM
Any ps2 rpg's with a lot of dialogue? Any similar to KOTOR/bioware games? (Archived)Flamechamp2333812/4 10:35AM
What is the best PS2 model for JP imports? (Archived)ShinGundam212/3 3:49PM
Recommend me short ps2 games that are great (Archived)
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Does LMA Manage 2007 for the PS2 suffer from long load times? (Archived)joesolaris112/2 5:22AM
Question about Timesplitters (Archived)
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Anyone still buy PS2 games here? (Archived)
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The true way of the samurai.. (Archived)
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The hardest boxing game ever! (Archived)Sephiroth_Z111/30 8:22AM