Post your PS2 System Buying Experiences Here! *Nostalgia Thread*

#11JezusxPosted 7/20/2012 3:46:37 AM(edited)
Once upon a time...

Back on Summer 2002 I graduated 8th grade.. the only reason I wanted a new console was because the Dreamcast died which was sad because I loved that console.. I had three options PS2/XBOX/Gamecube.. in the end I chose PS2 because the majority of the games SONY had at the time were awesome unlike the competition my dad wanted to get me the PS1 I refused..

the price dropped to 200$ he said the console was expensive so I saved 50$ and my mom gave me 50$ since I did good in my last school final tests he decided to get me the PS2.. we went to Sam Goody it was a special day can't forget,, my first game was State of Emergency (29.99$) + a memory card (25.00$)

I played State of Emergency all night till passing out.. who could have thought I was gonna end up playing the PS2 in 2012 and getting more than 100+ games the console was just the best out of those three.. I miss the good ol days whenever a new PS2 game came out always got it at the release date or same release week with the 50$ price tag unlike now because I can't afford a next gen console..

Those times were AWESOME when DLC did not exist and most games coming out to the PS2 were exclusives..

OnJanuary 2005 there was a tragedy my Fat PS2 died.. few months later when my PS2 died I sold it to GameStop they gave me 50$ bucks giftcard which I spent in 3 PS2 games.. I literally spent 2 years and a half without a PS2 till summer 2007 when finally I got a Slim one for 100$ bucks on FYE.. in the mean time I got a lot of cheap brand new PS2 games + a few Genesis & Dreamcast used games just to be entertained though most of the time I beat all games fast in a few days.. that's my story! luckily my slim PS2 still works like brand new TODAY!