thinking about getting a timesplitter game

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I have all three and in my opinion, Future Perfect is the best in the series.
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thanks everyone future perfect it is....
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VCarterMoss posted...
When you hold the button to aim, the screen is locked in place and you just move the aiming reticule around that frame.

timesplitters 1 & 2 used the 'springy reticule' used in goldeneye and perfect dark. the problem is it just doesn't feel the same using your right thumb on a dual analog. also, the screen isn't actually locked while aiming.. if you push the cross-hair toward the edge you will eventually start turning.

something i find funny is that i have not been able to 100% recreate goldeneye/perfect dark controls in any FPS since. games like 007 nightfire even feature a "goldeneye" scheme, but something is always a little off- like having to aim with the right stick, when the n64 games did everything with the left.

anyway, Future Perfect is probably better but fans of the n64 games will love TS2 as well.
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kdimm55 posted...
thanks everyone future perfect it is....

why wouldnt you get them all. they are all excellent games. pretty sure you can get all 3 games for under $10 or so (used now obviously)
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Future Perfect is by far the best game developed by the Free Radical team.
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From: kdimm55 | #010
meh over rated ps3 system when the real fun is on the ps2.

You're a fanboy of a series you have never played?
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wstfld posted:
"Meh. Overrated series on a system with very few good FPS"

Hahaha...he's just jealous there's no HD version on PS3
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Pick up 2 or Future Perfect.
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I bought 1 when it came out after reading a lot of magazine hype and was underwhelmed enough not to even know 2 more came out.