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What do you guys do when you're interested in a girl?Wildspark48/31 6:41PM
When to reconsider a friendship? (This topic is not like the others, promise) (Closed)Azalea9X108/31 5:15PM
Losing that spark in a relationship? Normal? Or something wrong?And_Finally_108/30 5:30AM
Woe unto you, Mad StalkerStarmieketone18/30 4:26AM
Need help getting over feelings for a close friendalmightybob1468/29 11:29AM
If you're going to do online dating, what should you put on your profile?Thanos_Galactus48/29 8:11AM
Are you single or in a relationship? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Starberry178/28 11:04PM
How do I tell my gf I dont want to travel or do certain events with her?ImaginaryDreams28/27 7:33PM
How do you ask out a fast food worker?iosifsvoboda48/26 3:35PM
Im lost. How and when do you ask a girl out?ThePepsiBlue68/26 8:52AM
Why do I feel so much resentment towards my father?Cybuster68/26 6:40AM
Do you ever feel like just saying screw women?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ganggreen82118/24 4:22PM
What is wrong with you oversensitive guys?RIP_MAC_DRE28/23 10:57PM
My (ex)girlfriend is extremely negative, and I can't seem to get through to her.BBOrokuSaki108/23 2:46AM
Is 5'1 considered a short height? (Poll)P1_Jake98/22 11:08PM
Should i try kissing this girl tomorrow.. using this chessy method?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SlamVook158/20 10:06PM
How can you tell the difference between a girl that is shy but interested and aiosifsvoboda48/20 7:31AM
I met this woman a few days ago, we seem to be perfect for each other
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Ratt_Poison148/18 6:24PM
Even in situations where a Girl is off-limits, do you sometimes think that--AbyssalMinstrel48/17 3:54AM
It's scary how much in common I have with this OKC girl.Coolppl Owns38/17 3:52AM
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