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Ok, so there's this girl that was a failed attempt. Now it's awkward. So how... (Archived)Rank_in85/18/2008
Are there any rules on what to do after getting numbers from drunk girls? (Archived)Mr_Messiah_0035/18/2008
Damn I missed an opportunity and the idea flew right by my head! x_X (Archived)
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ATTN: The Creep (o_______o) (Archived)
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Well, MS, I'm at a bit of a quandary...Then again, who here isn't? (Archived)TwilightDreamer35/18/2008
I have no idea what to do. (Archived)SILVERDEVIL00045/17/2008
In regards to friends: quality or quantity? (Archived)SpiritRoom40265/17/2008
My best friend wants to go out with me, but admits things are too friend zoneish (Archived)lMlellow45/17/2008
A bit confused on what to do. (Archived)littlebro0745/17/2008
Women don't like to be ignored. (Archived)Jack Talk Thai35/17/2008
I don't know what's up with this girl (Archived)
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when i think a girl likes me, i start to like her. (Archived)eating4fun25/17/2008
So it seems like my ex broke up with me for another guy (Archived)Smelly_Garage85/17/2008
If you and one of your girl friends became your girlfriend, wouldn't it be a bit (Archived)SpiritRoom40285/17/2008
So I asked out a girl... (Archived)ATagz45/17/2008
Most epic "success" I've ever had. (Archived)royishere85/17/2008
Everyone on here is Off-Topic. See ya. (Archived)Rain615275/17/2008
do u think this girl likes me??? (Archived)Sk8torToucan75/17/2008
I was gonna ask this girl out tomorrow but... (Archived)
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