Altered Graphics

#1BardnoonPosted 8/19/2008 12:18:52 PM
I love this game but Nintendo have made some alterations to the hit flashes... They are all greyed out, just like what was done on NInja Commando (it was more severe on that game, even the bullet shots got all muted out). Nintendo really need to stop this practice. I want perfect ports for what I have paid for. I have sent a complaint to Nintendo. I recommend that you do the same.
#2MiOddPosted 8/21/2008 10:40:21 AM
Nah, I'm happy with my purchase. Though, if I were to make a complaint it would stem from the fact that they charge us extra for "import" titles, when there is no importing involved.

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#3ninkendoPosted 8/22/2008 4:18:17 PM
they're doing it because people who get seizures from things like that like to complain

anyway beat it with Bomberman and Paro-Ceaser, halfway through with PC Engine. Probably my favorite shmup on the TG16/CD
#4manyhitsPosted 8/22/2008 8:17:08 PM
The photosensitive can be induced into a seizure by minimal flashing, or even repetitive patterns. They are warned against playing video games in general.

Remember the hubub over those Japanese Pokemon cartoons a long time ago? As far as I know, they were causing seizures in non-epileptic viewers. Maybe that's why they're a little cautious now.

By the way, what's a 'shmup'?
#5MiOddPosted 8/24/2008 8:46:01 AM
A "shmup" is a compressed and abbreviated fan-coined term to describe their favorite genre, which is "Shoot-em-up's"... It means games like this, or other popular series such as Gradius or R-Type.

This couch is the comfiest!
#6manyhitsPosted 8/25/2008 6:06:32 PM
Oh, I get it. Thanks.