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My survival tale with Skyrim (Archived)CobraGT32/22/2012
ATTN Madnarel: (Archived)werebarret62/21/2012
I just learned that one of my classmates in school is a LUEser (Archived)
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Sylphia Roll Call (Archived)
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today's poll cracks me up (Archived)FantomRell12/14/2012
I'm in your board (Archived)
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Anyone have 1 spare Club Nintendo PIN so I can get my sister a birthday present? (Archived)BelmontSlayer32/13/2012
Hey whoa whoa look what else happened! (Archived)Hadri62/13/2012
Hey whoa whoa how did this happen? (Archived)MLLKnightblazer72/11/2012
didn't even realize (Archived)
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... Welp. I'm single. (Archived)
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well things seem to be picking up around here (Archived)FantomRell31/30/2012
Freek is a dirty liar. (Archived)Light_and_Gold71/23/2012
Nine years at the end of the month (Archived)
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I have all the active topics (Archived)Shadowed_Mage41/17/2012
My email account got hacked by some kid in India. (Archived)X_Ven0m_X612/27/2011
merry xmas people (Archived)the Battousai412/26/2011
I wish Red vs. Blue had been blown out instead of this somewhat close contest (Archived)Light_and_Gold712/25/2011
2011: what did you think of it? (Archived)Hadri612/22/2011
The New Zelda ** no significant spoilers but spoilers ** (Archived)CobraGT912/16/2011
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