Shin Seiki's Blue House

#11monkeysciencePosted 4/15/2007 7:13:07 PM
No...YOU give us your pants
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#12Psychic ParrotPosted 5/3/2007 5:44:04 PM
Number eight. Beeeeerp. Number eight. Beeeeerp
#13Cosmic TouristsPosted 6/3/2007 10:10:35 AM
We come in peace. Or not?
#14SnowKhirPosted 6/26/2007 8:09:05 AM
Hmmm... Interesting development
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#15AmmerseePosted 7/19/2007 10:48:27 PM
What did you mean by that?
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#16TMolaPosted 7/31/2007 6:54:57 PM
That means pie
#17ddlkllPosted 8/17/2007 2:36:37 PM
Nice place you got here....dead people and everything.
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#18LoonyPersonPosted 8/17/2007 3:15:49 PM
Ya rly O_o
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#19SwordMaster12Posted 9/9/2007 5:45:06 PM
This place needs more blues at once!

*plays the blues*

Is that good enough?
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#20AmmerseePosted 10/2/2007 5:39:00 PM
Sword, I think I'm in love with you. I'm not 100% sure.
Someone's boring me. I think it's me.. ~ Dylan Thomas