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Inexpensive ways to get windows 7?

#1greekgamerPosted 5/27/2012 4:32:06 PM
I heard something about sites that sell just the CD key of windows for discounted prices. Are those real.
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#2link510Posted 5/27/2012 4:44:30 PM
The cheapest legit way is to buy the upgrade version (Newegg sells it for $70, I think) and then do the double install method. Look it up, there's plenty of guides. Microsoft themselves have said this is a legal method. Or you could just not buy it at all and then just go off of an indefinite trial period (again, plenty of guides), which I suppose is legal but probably more along the lines of a grey area.
#3DiehardFFv2Posted 5/27/2012 4:44:46 PM
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#4MasafumiGotoPosted 5/27/2012 4:46:24 PM
$65 Win 7 Pro retail(students only).
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#5greekgamer(Topic Creator)Posted 5/27/2012 4:56:14 PM
here's one
open at own risk just googled it.
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#6Dollarman_2005Posted 5/27/2012 5:02:06 PM
Find someone you know who is a student. A friend's sibling, your own friend, you maybe.

Then proceed to go to bookstore and get it for cheap. My W7 ultimate was 30 bucks, while a lot of schools offer it for free.
#7I-Planters-IPosted 5/27/2012 7:20:53 PM
Are you in College or know someone in College? Ask them to get it for you, usually free if you just download the installer instead of getting the disk.
#8punji_styx88Posted 5/27/2012 7:23:08 PM
If you live in or near oceanside California I can hook you up with a student discount (60.00 or so). I'll need a favor in return though >.>
#9L0ZPosted 5/27/2012 7:23:19 PM
lol i was at a friends howse and used his pc and in the bottom right hand corner of the screen it said this copy of windows is not genuine.
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#10__starsnostarsPosted 5/27/2012 7:38:13 PM
I have w7 home premium but I want ultimate so I can utilize all of my ram, which isn't really worth it I know. I tried the windows anytime upgrade from control panel, costs $140 to upgrade, I put in my all info, get to the payment screen, price is now close to $180 + taxes. Thanks for converting the currency at the second-last part of the process and never even pointing it out microsoft.
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