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Really weird 'whats the game called' request.

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  3. Really weird 'whats the game called' request.
3 years ago#1
Was talking to my dad about this game he used to have on his PC, it's kind of difficult to describe but you never know if somebody on here might know what i'm talking about.

It was a 2D game, a bit similar in appearance to the platformer 'N'. The weird part was that i seem to remember you played as an egg, and had to bounce around collecting coins (i think), and there was a series of games with the same style.

If anybody has any idea what it's called i'd appreciate it. I cannot for the life of me remember what it's called.

EDIT: I believe it was late 90s or possibly early 2000s, if that helps.
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3 years ago#2
quake 4 would be my best guess
3 years ago#3
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy????
3 years ago#4
This? >_>
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3 years ago#5
Neither of the above unfortunately.

You were literally an egg, no arms or facial features and IIRC the gameplay was stage based with each stage taking place on a stationary screen, no side scrolling like Mario.

I also seem to recall that you had a platform at the bottom of the screen which you moved in tandem with the egg, sort of like brick breaker.

You would bounce the egg up the screen to collect coins while platforms would move, and there would be spikes etc.

I could be wrong about the platform at the bottom but i'm sure that was a part of it somehow.

I also think it might have been shareware, and for some reason my dad thinks it was written by a Swedish guy.
3 years ago#6

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3 years ago#7
Try's "What game is this?" forum. I'm legitimately stumped.
3 years ago#8
Chuckie Egg?
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3 years ago#9
Doesn't look exactly like N but the egg part makes me think of An Untitled Story from .

Screenshot I found on Google Images:
(edited by ElDudorino)
3 years ago#10
guinness4life posted...
Try's "What game is this?" forum. I'm legitimately stumped.

That would be the wrong GOG topic to post in. Just create a new topic in the GOG general forum asking about it.

Also, maybe Eggit 2?
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  3. Really weird 'whats the game called' request.

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