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How good of a card is the 6870?

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User Info: Xa3r0x

4 years ago#1
I know it's not the best card, just wondering how it compares to others. LoL Gameplay ; PSN - Xaer0x914 ;
LoL IGN- LOL ITS X ; Steam - Xaero

User Info: Soldier3rdClass

4 years ago#2
Comparable to a gtx 560 non ti. Best to just look up some benchmarks on those cards and see if it's acceptable. Should run most games perfectly at medium to high settings.
2500K @4.5Ghz // GTX 680 2GB // 8GB RAM // Extreme3 Gen3 Mobo

User Info: MachEvolution

4 years ago#3
I've got a 6870, runs most games on Ultra, some of the more difficult ones only at High settings. I'm also using a 1920x1200 monitor.

User Info: HeyDude

4 years ago#4,3107.html

User Info: 60secondAssasin

4 years ago#5
good mid range gpu. capable of playing games on high @ 1920x1080 with good performance. best overall in the sub $200 segment and I think it's the top gpu in performance/$$, which usually ends up being some low end card that costs like $65.
"There is nothing new under EA." - Fony

User Info: Eggroll360

4 years ago#6
Pretty nice card you have there!
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