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Will there ever be an MMO that will beat WoW?

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4 years ago#11
PC gaming is dying.

So, yes.
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4 years ago#12
Subscriptions have dropped. I don't know what it's at now, but I wouldn't call it dying. There has been, and are still many other high profile MMO's entering the market, and WoW is old. It makes sense that they would drop.

But even if they continue to drop, it is a long way to the bottom. It still has a many million subscription lead on the nearest competitor.
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4 years ago#13
ConHuevos posted...
isn't wow dying?

That's the reason I don't wanna start on it. I really wished I played WoW in its earlier stages or during its prime.
I'd just feel really late. >_>
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4 years ago#14
WoW is dying. I'm assuming this post is about beating WoW in POPULARITY. I don't think any MMO will ever come close to the kind of fame that WoW accomplished, but it will die eventually. If any game has a chance to kill it, it is most definitely Guild Wars 2. There's quite a lot of hype riding GW2, and I actually wouldn't be suprised if it surpassed WoW within it's current subscription number statistic.

But otherwise, there have been quite a few MMO's that I consider to be A BETTER GAME than WoW. And most people would agree with that sentiment. Anything else is just rose-colored glasses.
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4 years ago#15
No common sense would say WoW will be #1 for all gaming eternity if I'm not mistaken.
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4 years ago#16
Blizzard's next MMO will be what kills it.
4 years ago#17
Lemur_H posted...
Every MMO I played only made me miss WoW.

Every MMO I played only made me miss UO.
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