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Will I need an aftermarket CPU heatsink if I use integrated graphics?

#1XTC_XtraCrispyPosted 5/31/2012 2:27:48 PM
I will have to settle on Ivy Bridge's HD 4000 iGPU, since I'm waiting on a price drop for non-reference GTX 670's or for the GTX 660ti to come out.

Will I need an aftermarket CPU cooler?

I may also dabble in overclocking my i5 (but only up to 4.2 GHz) if you guys deem a cooler necessary for integrated graphics.
#2link510Posted 5/31/2012 2:38:38 PM
Having a GPU isn't going to affect your CPU temps. An after market cooler is definitely necessary for oc'ing though, especially with ivy
#3XTC_XtraCrispy(Topic Creator)Posted 5/31/2012 2:44:47 PM
Wait, doesn't "integrated graphics" mean it's inside the CPU? If not, I need to re-title my topic...
#4MasafumiGotoPosted 5/31/2012 2:45:37 PM
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