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Good headphones to wear while running?

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4 years ago#1
I don't want any big over-the-ear headphones that will make me get too hot, or any ear buds because they pop out too easily.. Anyone recommend a specific pair of those type the go around your ear or behind the neck? ~$20 ideally..
4 years ago#2

Edit: Worth looking into IEMs, which can be somewhat uncomfortable if you're new to them but they don't pop out like earbuds and can have decent quality. Not sure how decent 20 dollars can get you, but...
4 years ago#3
I usually go with the more "Sport"/"Clip" style headphones for active use. Hard as hell to find a pair that has a customizable fit and isn't just molded plastic that hurts your ears the same as earbuds, or don't fit properly.

FWIW, I just picked up a couple different pair to replace the ones I was using (Cheap $6 ones from Wal-Mart I got in a pinch):

I alternate between the two depending on activity/weather. The first sound nicer, but are obviously "warmer" after awhile; They aren't as big as they look, either, btw. The second are a rubber-coated wire frame that can be molded however you want.

Only con on either is kind of a cheesy wire, but there are guides on how to replace them all over the place. >_>
4 years ago#4
I have tried all sorts of headsets while running and working out. I found that the clipons really work best for me. Even better then some generally more expensive options. Since they always break relatively fast, I never buy the expensive ones. 10-15 euro max.
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4 years ago#5
Yeah, I hate taking any kind of more expensive headphones/hardware out while active. Risk is just too high for SOMETHING to break sooner or later, and I'd rather sacrifice some sound quality for a little bit better built, but still cheap headphone.

Anything from the connectors shorting out, wires flexing to the point they break, having the drop/get hung when/if I take them out of my ears briefly to do something, ect.. At least if they're only $15, it's not a huge loss.
4 years ago#6
I use my Senn's at the gym all the time. You guys are making me feel bad about it. :(

Too bad they're built like tanks and have easily replaceable parts.
4 years ago#7
Gym is a different story than what I'm thinking of. If I'm at home using equipment, I don't mind using nicer headphones.

What I'm referring to is when out in public running (Or usually in my case, cycling/mountain biking). If your headphones fall off, they can be tripped over, caught on something, run over, ect, and that's it. And even if they just fall off and get unplugged, and SURVIVE, they're still laying on the ground somewhere with a chance to be broken before you retrieve them...
4 years ago#8
yea when i'm out and about, i use the cheapest comfortable headphones i can find, which are usually those sony ear buds at walgreens that come with a case/reel for $10 i've never had a problem with them, they're like the cheap sun glasses you can't lose to save your life
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