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Does anyone else have this problem?

#1link510Posted 5/31/2012 6:05:36 PM
So, here's the thing. My computer has a G530 and a 5770 in it. Neither of which run very hot at all. I bought a case with three 120mm fans in it, as well as 2 extra 120mm fans. My CPU never gets over 45c when gaming and my GPU rarely goes over 60 (I think 69 was my furmark high). Now I want to put a 200mm side fan in my case and I keep looking for after market CPU coolers to buy. Considering this PC has been an extreme budget build from the start, wanting all these things is extra ridiculous. Not to mention I keep going back to a craigslist ad for a $75 HAF X and have to tell myself that I don't need it over and over...

Someone help me