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Question about sound blaster TOSlink please?

#1DuarianPosted 5/31/2012 9:06:49 PM
I am trying too understand which would be my best option for sound quality in terms of gaming and listening too music with my card.

I currently have it hooked too my receiver via optical out from my card. In the control panel I can either use CMSS-3d Stereo or Xpand (I found stereo sounds better on music) at 96 khz, OR I can use DD or DTS encoders with 48 khz.

When using the CMS my receiver only accepts a 2.1 signal at 96 khz, DD or DTS its 5.1 at 48 khz. However either way the output always says 5.1.

Which should I use when I game and listen too music? Dolby encoders or the CSM-3D? I can use both but as I said it drops the rate down too 48 khz.