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Is a GPU considered failing if it still works 'some' of the time?

#11spanishbobPosted 6/1/2012 1:56:18 AM
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It's a Seasonic X 650w.

Backstory here: I moved across the country a month ago and shipped my computer to myself to get it here. During shipping my heatsink fell off of my CPU (stock intel heatsink) and it landed on my GPU. I don't know when that happened but odds are it tumbled around inside the case quite a bit and damaged my GPU in the process because it's been doing this ever since. My Motherboard was protected mostly due to its thermal armor (Sabertooth P67 MoBo). I got a new heatsink and the CPU works fine.

Well, just don't tell MSI that when you RMA it >_>

That is not ethical. I would not RMA the gpu.

I had a Sapphire 5770, that I know I had damaged. I decided not to claim a warranty as this would have been dishonest.

But then we don't know if that IS the reason for the GPU playing up. It could be pure coincidence. I had a similar problem on an old, old Geforce (one of the first ones). Major artifacting, random crashes, etc. Eventually the card completely died.