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Trying to find a netbook for a low price...

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4 years ago#1
In particular, the Acer Aspire One 11.6", primarily in the red color. I tried checking ebay but for the most part, it's black. (I'm not going to let that stop me)

If anyone has experience in netbooks, if you know of a comparable one in terms of specs, battery life, size, and feel of the keyboard, and where I can get it for around $220 (used obviously, I know there are risks there), could you help me? I tried looking, but I'm bad at this stuff.

^ This is the general thing I want. I'm thinking of offering $220, and explaining to the owner I could get the same thing brand new at the same price from my workplace with 10% off.

But anyway, if you have experience with netbooks, please do tell.

Thanks in Advance,
Vermy of the Seven Stars
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4 years ago#2
Vermineater posted...
But anyway, if you have experience with netbooks, please do tell.

Cramped keyboard. Very slow components. Generally lacking build quality.

The market is all about ultrabooks now, bro.
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4 years ago#3
Oh, okay then. :D Thanks.

They must be better than when they first came out. >_>; My friend had one, and it was okay.
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4 years ago#4
If you do planning on getting one anyway, get a netbook with an AMD core.

Intel atoms suck. I own one personally and it is the main thing bottlenecking my whole netbook.

Also, invest in an SSD for it and it will be extremely responsive.

Edit: Actually, any laptop that is 11.6 inch is a netbook. So don't be afraid to try it out. As long it is not an intel atom PC then its should be alright.
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4 years ago#5
Do you think the laptop I have will be okay for light gaming and stuff? Like, Diablo 2, primarily, and maybe trying out LoL and GW1 on minimum settings?

The main purpose is a portable for story writing, school work, and such. I don't plan on playing cutting edge games, of course, but it should be good enough to touch up on games I have yet to experience that are older.

And I don't see myself getting a SSD anytime soon, because of the price factor.
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4 years ago#6
Found one with AMD and 4 GB of RAM:

Also, I am urging you to try out the keyboard of such a small laptop and see if you can live with it. I had friends who ditched their netbooks within a few months, because the trackpad is the size of a stamp, and writing longer texts is really bothersome, because the keyboard is small and you often hit the wrong keys if you try to write fast. Oh, and because the Intel Atom back then was painfully slow.
My humble hobby project. Comment/rate if you have the spare time!
4 years ago#7
I have touched that model, it is fine. I could upgrade a 2 GB to 4 GB easily.
4 years ago#8
sony vaio yb series on newegg.

amd e450 @1.65 ghz
500 gb hdd
4 gigs of ram
32bit windows 7 premium

I am using it now, I love it, it nearly maxes medieval 2(I kid you not), Gta SA, simcity 4, and a few other older games.

downside, the finish wears off EASY, like, bad easy, but I covered up the mark with a couple of pieces of duck tape. and it is plastic, but you will be hard pressed to find a non plastic 11.6 inch.
The Master, The Learner, and The Gamer
4 years ago#9
Diablo 2, definitely. LoL, depends on the specs. Mine is a 1.6GHz Atom with 1 GB of ram and I can't get LoL in any sort of playable state. Takes forever to load, super low frame rates and the game crashes frequently. Terraria is also perfectly playable on small worlds.
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4 years ago#10
LoL with a dual core may run mediocre. I am not that worried if it can't though. If GW can run on minimum settings, I will prolly be fine. It ran on a P4 single core with 512 GB RAM, so I should be better than that.
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