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to everyone that thinks ALIENWARE is ripoff. is this m18x worth it?

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4 years ago#1
ll get a phone call this afternoon to confirm everything i got...everything BASE on m18x+sli 7970m cf discounts..
15% all gpu upgrades
5% gift card of whatever u spent 200$ gift card
m18x backpack 2 day shipping everything was
$2,491.90 (with tax... i know subtotal was like $2,300)

i get all those gift cards later to spend..but i dont know what to get! and i asked for 1 day shipping i had an option of +25$ more. i plan on asking this afternoon for the 1 day shipping. and see if everythin idk what else i can ask to milk them more. im not sure how well i did but yea......! rate 1-10, and has anybody gotten a deal like this? if not better?! im also not sure if i need to upgrade ram. i hope this last 4years. ssd i can upgrading my processor i heard its not needed but for games in near futire.. <D2 My Puppie>
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4 years ago#2
$2400 for a laptop...
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4 years ago#3
Why not spend $1,400 for a top of the line Desktop and $1,000 on a laptop...
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4 years ago#4
i have no rooom for desktop, i have my reason to not say so in gamefaqs. <D2 My Puppie>
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4 years ago#5
then get a sager from xotic pc...
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4 years ago#6
this is sli, dual graphics cards...

do u guys know theres big difference between sager np9170 to the m18x. the closest would be m17x but yeah.idk what else runs dual 7970m's

i guess u guys dont really think the price is good?

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4 years ago#7
Yes the m18x is worth it. You could have probably gotten a better discount by haggling on the phone with a rep.

m18x is an awesome laptop. I have a m17x and i wish i had a m18x instead. It has an anodized aluminum case. The thing is built like a sherman tank. Its extremely classy and is definitely something cool to look at with all the lighting controls. Also, with the 7970m Crossfire, you would easily have a better computer than most users here. Even with the lowest ivy bridge cpu (which is all you're gona need gaming-wise), you'd still have one hell of a beast with those GPUs.

If you can, i would get the lowest possible RAM and cheapest HDD available from Dell (to knock off some $$ from the price) and upgrade it yourself for half the price.
4 years ago#8
Alienware laptops are typically not overpriced, they're just expensive. Every gaming laptop out there is expensive. Currently Sager doesn't have anything that can compete with the M18x.
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4 years ago#9
Decent price for that laptop with those GPUs. Better lift some weights, it's gonna be huge.
4 years ago#10
I guess if you have the money it's worth it... But to me it doesn't seem like the difference between 7970m and 2x 7970m is worth $1000 (for the np9170 vs m18x).
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  3. to everyone that thinks ALIENWARE is ripoff. is this m18x worth it?

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