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Will this PC be enough to run BF3?

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User Info: DjHotness

4 years ago#1
AMD Phenom 9500 2.2 GHz Quad Core
ATI Radeon 6850
7 GB Ram
Windows 7
1680x1050 res

Im totally willing to shell out the money for this game if I can run it.
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User Info: Snuckie7

4 years ago#2
It will run, but your cpu may give you problems in multiplayer.
Dell XPS L501x | Intel Core i5 460M @ 2.53GHz | NVIDIA GT 420M OC @ 700/900 | 4GB 1333 RAM | 500GB 7200 RPM HDD

User Info: JonWood007

4 years ago#3
SHould be adequate, CPU is a little weak and will not give ideal performance, but it should be playable. My laptop quad runs it fine, although I'd suspect it's still faster than a phenom I.
Desktop: Phenom II X4 965 | 4 GB DDR3 | HD 5850 | 1 TB HD | W7 | 650W Antec | 1600x900
Laptop: A6 3400m | 4 GB DDR3 | HD 6520g | 500 GB HD | W7 | 1366x768
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