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Using a generic dirt cheap 500w psu for a Q8300 and 8800GT for a few days, wise?

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User Info: silvergokuZ

4 years ago#1
Selling pc to a friend and currently had a HD 3400 in the unit that obv used no real power.

But he wanted a better card but I have RMA'd my 2 broken psu's I have had for a while which are OCZ StealthXstream to the company I purchased from but as its a holiday weekend wont get them till next Thursday but my friend wants pc TODAY.

I have put in this card as a temp measure but as the psu cost about 15(about $20) worried it might mess up if its under load.
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User Info: wizardmon

4 years ago#2
Should at least last you till you can replace it.
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User Info: 60secondAssasin

4 years ago#3
can't be much worse than an old stealthxstream. don't run furmark and it might do fine while you await a replacement.
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User Info: FF4Fan1313

4 years ago#4
My advice - don't. Kindly tell your friend that it simply won't happen today. Frankly, when you start pushing into the 10 and 20 dollar PSUs, you start getting a lot of sketchy stuff - short cables, fireworks-in-a-box, etc. If your friend is angry, tell him about how a bad PSU can destroy every other component in the computer - that should scare him off.
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User Info: Cobra152004

4 years ago#5
I wouldn't recommend it. I know better after having an supposedly 400 watt Codegen go bad in an old socket A Athlon XP 2200+ system with an AGP 6800GS. The Codegen PSU was included with a case for about $40. I used it to transplant everything from an HP Pavilion 543x into after taking a Dremel tool to the empty case. It lasted several months.
I should have noticed that the wires on the Codgen were smaller gauge than those on the stock 200 watt Bestec/HP PSU. The failing Codgen could have taking the rest of the system with it, but didn't hurt anything else. I was lucky.
I now use an FPS Group ATX400-PA 400W power supply in that old system:
The FSP still works great. 29 amps on the 12volt is overkill for that system, since socket A CPUs run off of the 5v rail.

TL; DR version: Don't do it. A failing PSU can take the rest of the system with it. Generic PSUs have inflated ratings and can be of dangerous quality.
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  3. Using a generic dirt cheap 500w psu for a Q8300 and 8800GT for a few days, wise?

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