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Decent multiplayer games

#1Miles TailsPosted 6/2/2012 11:20:16 AM
Hello, I've been looking around for a decent PC game with multiplayer that isn't a FPS/MMO. The only game that I really liked last year was Minecraft which was fun, but after a year of playing it, it just got boring as heck, there haven't been any big upgrades to it, combat is awful, the "NPCs" they added are useless and the updates are usually silly little things that seem to take forever to implement (lazy programmers?). I like the idea of playing and exploring around with other players and also the whole crafting items/building a settlement aspect of Minecraft. Are there any other games out there for PC that allow you to explore/craft/bulid/ with buddies while providing decent combat experience?

I am not looking for a Minecraft clone, but something different, maybe a game with the goal of building a settlement, while also providing exploration. Figured I have nothing to lose by asking, someone might know of a game that I will like. I have not really been much of a gamer post college so I have not really kept up with all the games coming out not too familiar with the newer stuff (like last 3 years worth). Gonna keep on Google searching but maybe you dudes might suggest something great.