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Sorry for the second question, but can someone help me with a Steam issue.

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  3. Sorry for the second question, but can someone help me with a Steam issue.
4 years ago#1
I have Comcast internet, and when I download a game on Steam, it starts out at 2.7 mb/s next to the game name, then gradually it lowers itself to downloading the game at 1.6 or 1.9 mb/s, I am paying for the 2.7 so why does it keep lowering me...
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4 years ago#2
Just because you are paying for 2.7 MB/s does not guarantee that you will always download everything at that speed. Could be any number of causes. It's also common for downloads to look like they're starting at a higher speed and then normalize themselves at a lower speed.
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4 years ago#3
Could be the download server, maybe they have too much load from too many users and it lowers the download speed? another possibility is Comcast is throttling your connection because you are downloading too much. .. does this happen often? any other downloads affected? I once had an internet issue that was basically the wiring outside my house being chewed on by squirrels and partially exposed to elements causing odd connectivity issues. They went away when I replaced all the wiring outside my home (also ran everything through those plastic PVC type pipes so it wasn't exposed to animals and stuff).
4 years ago#4
This happens to me, but its mostly because everyone is on the same server in my location.

In the Morning I average 1.8MB down, but at night I get 2.9MB.

Comcast is weird, but it may also have to do with how many people in your area use the same connection.
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4 years ago#5
Most cable ISPs offer some kind of "Boost" feature, where the first 20 MB of a download go at very high speeds, then after that slow down to something much less impressive. I know for a fact Comcast does.
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  3. Sorry for the second question, but can someone help me with a Steam issue.

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