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Best bang for the buck cpu and video card?

#11thesecondrei(Topic Creator)Posted 6/4/2012 12:25:38 PM
My budget is around 800 I will probably go with i3 2120/6850 combo, but is the extra 20 dollars for the 6870 really worth it?
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#1260secondAssasinPosted 6/4/2012 12:35:23 PM
yea it is. it can muscle out some things a 6850 can't. if you don't need to buy everything (OS, monitor etc) you're looking at an i5/6870 combo for an $800 build. if you have access to a microcenter that become a 7850 or 560ti448/gtx570.
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#13thesecondrei(Topic Creator)Posted 6/4/2012 1:48:40 PM
Yeah, I also need to buy the OS and big of a general improvement is the 6870 percentage wise?
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#14Pirate 2Posted 6/4/2012 1:56:41 PM(edited)
best bang for the buck cpu is probably one of the sb pentium dual cores.

here is one-

preforms about as well as phenoms that cost 2x as much. im not sure why these things dont get mentioned more for budget builds. they're way cheaper than i3's too.

EDIT: oh dang, smobo already mentioned em.
#15BogePosted 6/4/2012 2:34:31 PM,3106.html,3107.html
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