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10 360 or PS3 exclusives you would love to see on the PC.

#31params7Posted 6/3/2012 11:28:32 AM
Uncharted's are boring/linear as hell and beaten in one sitting with no replay value. They are like interactive movies, like The Mummy or something. I mostly game on the ps3 and even I don't like it that much.
#32r7gerrabbitPosted 6/3/2012 11:38:25 AM
Red Dead Redemption
Tales of Graces f
Tales of Vesperia
Valkyria Chronicles
Demon's Souls
Heavy Rain
ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

I can't think of any more.
#33Freak ShowPosted 6/3/2012 11:45:21 AM
Red dead is the only thing i could even think of. Console exclusives typically suck so i could care less about any of the other crap out there.

Red Dead would just be fun for the modding.
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#34Unhead_Posted 6/3/2012 12:42:29 PM
Tyranius2 posted...
Possibly MGS4 but that's about it

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#35housefishisbackPosted 6/3/2012 1:21:47 PM
I honestly don't know enough about whats on the consoles. I do have a 360 but haven't bought a game for it in 2 years. With that said, since I do like sports games

The newest NCAA Football Rendition (I believe we are up to 2013?)
The newest MLB The Show. MLB 2k12 is just barely above average.
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#36Crimson_JesusPosted 6/3/2012 1:32:27 PM
Forza series
Red Dead Redemption
Sports games, because all the ports are complete garbage on the PC
Valkyria Chronicles
The Last of Us
Uncharted series
inFamous 1/2

I'm sure there's more, but that's off the top of my head.
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#37snesmaster40Posted 6/3/2012 1:46:17 PM
Warriors Orochi 3
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3
Red Dead Redemption
Yakuza series
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#38JKatarnPosted 6/3/2012 2:00:05 PM
triple s posted...
GamerManiac187 posted...
You want console exclusives, but pick four boring cover shooters?

I'm disappointed.

I picked games "I" would want and the topic clearly states 10 console exclusives "you" would want so the only thing you need to be disappointed with is yourself for your failure to take in other people's opinions and your reading comprehension.

You forget that this is GameFAQs, where everyone else is entitled to MY opinion.
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#39JKatarnPosted 6/3/2012 2:04:30 PM
Red Dead Redemption
Mortal Kombat 9 (otherwise known as simply "Mortal Kombat")
Halo Reach
Uncharted 1-3
Ratchet & Clank Future Tools of Destruction + A Crack in Time

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, though in most of these cases (particularly Uncharted) the games would require at least a moderate amount of reprogramming/adjustment to work on the myriad PC configurations available, which would of course entail some extra cost.
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#40triple s(Topic Creator)Posted 6/3/2012 8:50:57 PM
Extraspectre posted...
That no one on the first page mentioned Red Dead Redemption.


I know! I'm sorry!
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