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Terraria or Minecraft?

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4 years ago#11
Minecraft isn't going to go on sale any time soon. I love the progression of Terraria more, personally, and I played it solo most of the time. You really feel like you're getting more and more powerful over time, and finding a chest with a really powerful accessory or weapon is much more satisfying than finding a diamond in Minecraft (personal opinion).

Personally, I'd go Terraria. Just read the wiki page on the controls before you start or you'll be flailing and failing. I personally had no problem, but almost every big-name Youtuber has struggled to figure out the mechanics when they first started the game.
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4 years ago#12
Is there tons of loot to find in Terreria?
4 years ago#13
I doubt Minecraft will go on sale, but who knows. Get both anyway.

I've put a couple hundred hours into Minecraft and probably a good 30 hours into Terraria. I like the gameplay in Terraria and there's a lot to be said for it, whereas Minecraft doesn't have much going on in the way of "gameplay" per se. But at the end of the day Minecraft is really about building for me, and you can make cool structures or towns or what-have-you in Minecraft whereas in Terraria... well, you COULD make kind of a town in that game, but it will be 2D and so it isn't that interesting to me.
4 years ago#14
Spidey555 posted...
Is there tons of loot to find in Terreria?

It's not even funny how much stuff there is. There's lots of variety in the ores, and hundreds of chests and...powerful miscellaneous guff hidden in the caves. There is a randomly generated dungeon somewhere in your world, as well as several other treasure-filled areas to be found.

The only thing that might tip the scales towards Minecraft could be the end-game. When you've got the top-tier armor, accessories and loot in Terraria, there's not much left to do at all. Minecraft, however, is endless, especially if you get the Technic Pack and start working your way through that progression as well.
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4 years ago#15
Be careful on Terraria though, the devs are done updating it with new content. It has a ton of stuff already though.
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4 years ago#16
I think I will get Terraria tonight, looks pretty addictive
4 years ago#17
Is Terraria getting any more support from the devs? Last I heard, they stopped releasing content/updates for Terraria because of real life issues.
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4 years ago#18
I got it and played maybe 30 min
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4 years ago#19
No, I don't think Terraria will see any more updates. And the mod community for it isn't very active.

Spidey555, I think most people spend the first bit after loading up the game not really knowing what they're doing. Then somehow it all starts to come together.

If you cut down some trees right away you can create a workbench from your inventory and place it somewhere, then once you've placed it you can create more advanced recipes by standing next to it and opening your inventory. It might not be a bad idea to make a wooden longsword so you aren't stuck with a shortsword. Also, kill some slimes to get gel, which you can mix with wood to make torches.

Then just take your pickaxe and start digging around underground. It should be fairly easy to figure out what the various ores look like, so dig up some stone plus some copper or some iron if you're lucky. Once you get back home, create a Forge out of stone and melt down your copper and iron (or any other metals) into ingots, and that's when you'll really be off to a running start. 3 iron bars lets you create an anvil, and if you stand next to that with your other ingots you'll get to start making stuff like copper armor (or iron armor, silver armor, etc), new longswords and other cool new gear. If you upgrade your pickaxe it'll be more effective and after you get a gold pickaxe you can start mining more advanced metals.

If you want more recipe ideas for crafting, talk to the Guide dude you met in the beginning and put an ingredient in his little Crafting box and he'll show you all the recipes you can make with that material. You can also start building houses if you want; it might take a minute to understand how walls work and stuff (walls are your "background," and just regular stone/dirt/etc. blocks or bricks you've manufactured in the forge are used for the actual outside walls.) The Guide will move into the first house you build with a table, chair, door and light source, and after that your other houses can become homes for other characters you unlock through your actions.

I think it really all starts to make sense after you've brought home your first good haul of copper and iron ore. After that you get into progressing forward pretty quickly and as you explore your character will become stronger as well.

And one more tip, if you find you have a lot of extra metals or materials, it can be okay to make more than one of the same weapon or tool. When you create one, it often has a random 'enchantment' on it which makes it either stronger or weaker. A longsword with a good 'enchantment' on it can give you a pretty good advantage in battle.
4 years ago#20
Minecraft- creative game with adventure elements(more coming, very active updating by the devs and modders alike)
Terraria- Adventure game with creative(not nearly as expandable as minecrafts creative, less support by devs, inactive modding community)

so. Minecraft...
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