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Post pics of your currents and or favorite Desktop Wallpaper thread!

#1pspmaster23Posted 6/3/2012 4:35:15 PM
thoughts? post yours up!
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#2Nazgl5LordofNazPosted 6/3/2012 4:37:11 PM

Currently using this on my second monitor; the first is hosting a custom userface I'm working on.
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#3snesmaster40Posted 6/3/2012 4:38:04 PM

This guy. Had this picture for a long time now.
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#4Xa3r0xPosted 6/3/2012 4:54:37 PM
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#5dry1cePosted 6/3/2012 5:19:14 PM
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#6BeanCounter64Posted 6/3/2012 5:56:21 PM(edited)
I have about 60 hubble telescope images cycling as my wallpaper. It's the Universe, on your desktop.
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#7taco_ninja393Posted 6/3/2012 5:32:43 PM

One for each monitor
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#8AcdcfantonyPosted 6/3/2012 5:36:05 PM

Don't remember where I stored the image, so I took a screencap.
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#9__Crazy__Posted 6/3/2012 7:12:10 PM
#10GunSlinger092Posted 6/3/2012 7:19:38 PM
taco_ninja393 posted...

Thanks a lot! I've been looking for an HD version of this image.


In my opinion, I still think this is one of the best game ever. A personal favorite of mine.
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