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Recommend a laptop!

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4 years ago#1
I'm looking to buy a laptop, and I don't really know what to look for, so I'm asking this here PC board to lend me a hand, a high-end one is preferable
Say down to it or drown by it, it's your turn to throw the dice.
4 years ago#2
What is your budget?
What do you want to do with it?
What kind of portability do you want?
4 years ago#3
awe right, should have mentioned that stuff

budget's not too important, it's a grad present from my parents so they don't really care how much it is.

Something that's good for games, I'll also be using it for programming, but that's about it.

Portability isn't too much of an issue either, I won't be going all around with it.

also a good fan, my current laptop has most of it's fan on the bottom and it gets really loud whenever I'm using something more extensive than a microsoft word.
Say down to it or drown by it, it's your turn to throw the dice.
4 years ago#4
So basically a gaming laptop? Any laptop you like with a 7970m then. That's the most powerful mobile gpu right now, and anything with that is going to be pretty damn high end. Get a cooling pad with it, I wouldn't game on laptop without one (the risk of overheating is just too high, or at the very least lowering the longevity of your machine with high temps)
4 years ago#5
Here are a few to consider in order of price, low to high. All are good for gaming:
4 years ago#6
And yeah, the two gpus to consider are the GT650 (Which is in the first few laptops I posted) for more portability and battery life and the AMD 7970m which is in the last few for sheer amazing performance.
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