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Quick question, how long will it take for a memtest to pick out a bad stick?

#1_Cryptic_RipperPosted 6/3/2012 9:58:23 PM
Been running through every single component of my newly built PC to find out why it has these odd, black screen, buzzing noise crashes that happen at seemingly random times (consistent only in that it'll be in a game, and that if I don't tab out often enough, it will eventually crash and need a hard reboot).

I'm already running one, but for some reason woke up 6 hours earlier at pass 5 and I'm, well, bored. Since I'm almost definitely sure it's the RAM, if I put in just one stick and run the test, will I always have to wait until pass 7 is finished until I can stop? 'cause this'll take all day and E3 doesn't start until, what, 6pm GMT?

Basically, if a stick is defective, will it pick it up on pass 1?
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#2hellmasterpPosted 6/3/2012 10:00:29 PM
depends on how bad the stick is and what memory cell is bad.
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#3_Cryptic_Ripper(Topic Creator)Posted 6/3/2012 10:08:16 PM
Feels like it'll be faster to just stick one in, boot up, play a game for an hour and see what happens, then do the same with the other.
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#4NeoBillbinePosted 6/3/2012 10:22:20 PM
Yep it all depends, just recently I had some GSkill laptop memory that would pass memtest for hours. It would pass the windows memory diagnostic tool also, except every time I would boot into windows and play a game it would lock with no bsod.

In the end I had to swap out sticks and test them individually. It turned out that one of the sticks was faulty, but it could still pass memtest just not run games for long periods of time.
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