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Crysis 3 Gameplay Trailer!

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4 years ago#1

4 years ago#2
Deth Pen
4 years ago#3
Oh boy, more tiny stages.
mmarkster posted...
Even though the game runs in 720p, it produces another 480p stream for the New Controller. That's like 1200p!
4 years ago#4
"We're sorry our last game was a hallway, so here is a gameplay trailer where we feel the need to point out that you now have the freedom to choose any of three hallways!

Also, here is some bad music.

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4 years ago#5
Sure looks like Crysis. Jungle in a city. How original.
4 years ago#6
Looks just like Crysis 2, IMO.

Small "bubbles" of activity that give you the option to go left or right down the street or around some debris. Trailer, assuming it's actually semi-represenative of gameplay, looks like more linear gameplay and "Cinematic setpiece" cutscenes that spend as much time showing you something happen as it does letting you do it.

And the Bow still looks out of place.
4 years ago#7
crysis 2 expansion....for $60.
"There is nothing new under EA." - Fony
4 years ago#8

3 paths!
4 years ago#9
Give me 4 and I'll consider it.
2500K - 2x 560 Ti 448 SLI - 8GB DDR3 - M4 128GB SSD
4 years ago#10
Call me whatever you want but I'll probably still get it if its released on steam at some point. Looks entertaining enough. I don't always need innovation or creativity in my games.
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