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"Detected covert channel exploit in ICMP packet" - what does it mean?

#1Jesse7777Posted 6/4/2012 3:40:45 PM
I checked the remote ip address it said was trying to exploit me and this came up
#2Jesse7777(Topic Creator)Posted 6/4/2012 4:31:40 PM
#3Davel23Posted 6/4/2012 5:09:34 PM
It means your firewall is doing its job.
Your mom's box.
#4Jesse7777(Topic Creator)Posted 6/4/2012 5:37:59 PM
But I am wondering what the source of these covert channel exploits is, bc it displays the warning every second.
#5DarkZV2BetaPosted 6/4/2012 8:00:15 PM
Someone is hacking into your brain.
mmarkster posted...
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